Weld Australia Welding Supervisor Seminar


This seminar is for when the requirements of industry demand a prescribed degree of quality in welding to meet the needs of safety and performance. This seminar provides the theoretical knowledge required of a welding supervisor in the understanding of and working with Australian Standards and documentation relating to their profession. It is intended to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to contribute to performing the role of a Certified Welding Supervisor that ensures that all welding is carried out in accordance with the plans, the specifications, any other documents and the requirements of AS/NZS 1554.1, AS 1210 and the other various Australian Standards for Pressure Equipment.

This seminar provides the participant with the knowledge of the applicable Standards and documentation for supervise of welding for Structural Steelwork to AS/NZS 1554.1 or Pressure Vessels to AS 1210. The qualification obtained is in accordance with:

  • AS/NZS 2214 Certification of welding supervisors Structural steel welding and/or
  • AS 1796 Certification of welders and welding supervisors – Certificate 10 Welding Supervisor.

  • The course is delivered by face-to-face instruction, comprising of the following topics:

  • Applicable Australian Standards for welding;
  • Australian Standards for Welding Supervision;
  • Structural Standards;
  • Pressure equipment and pressure piping standards;
  • Welder Qualification;
  • Welding Quality Standards;
  • Welding Procedures Specifications.

  • To be awarded either AS/NZS 2214 Welding Supervisor or AS 1796 Certificate 10 Welding Supervisor, applicants must successfully complete:

  • Examination Paper A which is common to both examinations; and
  • Examination Paper B which is the code specific examination for either AS 2214 or AS 1796 Certificate 10.

  • Course Costs: $TBA AUD(Members), $TBA AUD (Non-Members), GST included. Examinations included in price. Exams are not conducted as part of the course but are required to be booked separately, contact us for details.

    NOTE: Course commencement is decided 3 – 4 weeks before the course start date. If you are enrolling less than 4 weeks out from course start date, please contact training@weldaustralia.com.au to confirm if the course will still be proceeding.

    To find out more about this course and to see if you meet the prerequisites, please contact training@weldaustralia.com.au with your CV outlining your qualifications and certifications.

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